Switzerland (CH)

EPSG:21781 - CH1903 / LV03
EPSG:2056 - CH1903+ / LV95

In the older Proj.4 use the definition:



 # CH 1903 / Swiss Oblique Cylindrical
> > <9814> +proj=somerc +lat_0=46d57'08.66"N +lon_0=7d26'22.50"E +ellps=bessel
> > +x_0=600000 +y_0=200000 +towgs84=674.374,15.056,405.346 +units=m
> +k_0=1 +no_defs

gdaltransform -s_srs +init=world:CH1903 -t_srs EPSG:4326

703098 124943
8.77714511838152 46.2692374030223 0


Citation from http://www.tydac.ch/?q=en/fme_switzerland:

The Swiss grid is based on an oblique, conformal cylinder projection (Mercator projection). The projection and the mathematical model developed by M. Rosenmund in 1903 are used for the Swiss reference system CH1903. Its definition is only valid together with the Bessel ellipsoid 1841. The fundamental point is the old observatory in Bern. (Image source: swisstopo):

Currently used Swiss Projections

  • CH1903-LV03 = LV03-M=Military = EPSG 21781: Currently used projection Swiss reference system CH1903; coordinates old observatory in Bern = 600'000/200'000

  • CH1903-LV03C = LV03-C=Civilian, EPSG 21780 (obsolete), EPSG 21782 (current): Currently used projection for Fürstentum Liechtenstein, coordinates old observatory in Bern = 0/0

  • CH1903+-LV95 = EPSG 2056new reference system 1995, coordinates old observatory in Bern 2'600'000/1'200'000

For all projections, the latitude and longitude of the old observatory in Bern are the following:

  • 46° 57' 08.66" Latitude

  • 7° 26' 22.50" Longitude

Swiss Projection Lat/Lon: CH1903LL = EPSG 4149 = EPSG 4801

Obsolete Swiss Projections

  • SWISS/LIECHT: Based on the old "Granit87" conversion parameters between CH1903 and WGS84 (used between 1987 and 1997)

  • SWISS1937/LIECHT1937: This definition is based on the so-called 'new values' (from a new determination of the astronomical coordinates of the fundamental station in Bern from 1938 (φ0 = 46° 57' 07.89", λ0 = 7° 26' 22.335") have only been used for cartographic purposes (indication of latitudes and longitudes on the national maps). Swisstopo does not recommend the use of these values.

  • SWISS-PLUS: probably a "dead body" (removed in newer FME versions)

Die WGS84 Projection (used by GPS, Google Earth etc.) can be found as LL-WGS84.