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Instructions for testers

MapTiler GUI application (beta version)

If you find a bug in the MapTiler application please report the issue so we can fix the problem in newer versions...


Installation under Microsoft Windows:

  • Start the installation process, the icon for MapTiler will appear in your computer under Start -> All Programs

Installation under Mac OS X 10.6+:

Latest MapTiler for Mac is available on the Mac App Store: 

For older versions of MacOSX (such as 32bit computers, Leopard 10.5, Snow Leopard 10.6, etc) download beta-fix3 and check #25 and #42.

Instalation under Ubuntu / Debian Linux:

First you have to install GDAL 1.6 binaries, which are not yet part of the official distribution. You can use UbuntuGIS or DebianGIS packages. For Ubuntu the instructions as described on the UbuntuGIS homepage under "Technical details about this PPA":

  • modify /etc/apt/sources.list, add a line for your ubuntu version :
  • add the key for this repository to Apt, so it is considered as trusted source of packages:
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 314DF160
  • update the Apt:
    sudo apt-get update
  • Install gdal and wxWidgets for python:
    apt-get install python2.5 python-wxgtk2.8 python-gdal
  • Download and install the maptiler package:
    dpkg -i maptiler_1.0.beta2_all.deb

Installation on another platforms:

The GUI is available in the source code repository. Application should run on a computer with system installation of Python 2.5+, wxPython and GDAL 1.6+.

Installation of the GDAL2Tiles command line utility:

For running MapTiler GUI you don't need to install this utility separately - only if you would like to try the command line utility for batch processing of the maps then follow these instructions:

In Windows with OSGeo4W package:

  1. Download and run OSGeo4W installer: 
  2. During installation select Advanced Install, continue with Next
  3. On the page "Select Packages" open section "Libs" and select "gdal16" and "gdal16-python" packages for installation. Please do not select any other packages, just keep everything as it is by default.
  4. (Optional step: If you need MrSID or ECW support you should also select the packages "gdal16-mrsid" and/or "gdal16-ecw". For correctly running ECW plugin you must later on download and install the ECW 3.3 Runtime libraries from the Erdas website - look at the detailed instruction.)
  5. Finish the installation
  6. You should have on your desktop icon OSGeo4W, it opens the command line
  7. Type there "gdal16", now you have active gdal 1.6 version of all the tools
  8. Type "gdal2tiles --help" to see help for gdal2tiles utility. Typical usage is just like: "gdal2tiles C:\filename.tiff". Enjoy and please reports bugs.

In case you have troubles with running the gdal2tiles command be sure you really make this instalation procedure exactly as it is written here. You can try the installation again: first delete C:\OSGeo4W directory, then and start installation and choose ONLY gdal16 and gdal16-python as it is in the instructions above, nothing else.

Mac binaries of the gdal as well as the utilities like GDAL2Tiles are part of the GDAL 1.6 Kyngchaos installer: 

Binaries for Linux are already available for most distributions, be sure you have GDAL version 1.6+. Links to binaries:

If you don't find your distribution you have to compile from the source code: 

More info about GDAL and OSgeo4W: